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Biography - Elizabeth Sage

After 20+ years of working in the corporate field of graphic design, my dream came true to follow my passion and commit full time to my first loves, horses, and art.  Now, it is not only my occupation, it has become my identity. I have always been focused on creating powerful imagery and building a strong sense of connection between the soul and it’s surroundings, to elicit a sense of wonder and interaction that moves beyond what we think we see, to what "could be". My life is my art and my art is my life. There is no separation between the two and it has taken me years to realize and accept this fully. In this acceptance, I find within myself  the gift of true creativity, which is both to give and receive, an opportunity to share possibilities as I see it. Creativity is not owned by anyone, it is an energy that moves within each of us.

Whether through a pencil, or a paintbrush working on images of western art, portrait, or contemporary works I am inspired to bring you, the viewer, to journey to a place of wonder within yourself.

While my works currently hang in both corporate offices and galleries, new media and social networking are essential to my success as a fine artist. I use tools like facebook and the web to share my passion, meet new clients and continue to establish my reputation as a fine artist. More importantly, I use them to connect on a more personal level. If not in person, I look forward to meeting you within one of these venues.

Thank you for visiting my site,

Elizabeth Sage