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Portraying all breeds of horses (and dogs) brings me unending joy as I continue to be amazed by the beauty of these special animals having an incredible spirit within that literally glows on the outside.This glow is what I strive to capture in my works.

Rather than thinking of my subjects as portraits, I see them as a very special moment caught in time revealing their personalities, grace, and motion to enjoy forever. Conformationally there is not a bone, muscle, or vein of these beautiful creatures that does not gain my full attention making sure every detail of each animal is uniquely identified. It is my goal to bring them alive as though they may blink, or leap off the canvas should the viewer turn away.

I hope you will enjoy the small group of selected portrayals of various breeds of horses, dogs and other loved animals under the Artwork/Commissioned Graphites and Oils tab on this site. For the full story on these paintings visit my Facebook page.